Medical Billing For Dental Practices

For years our goal has been to develop a relevant, highly detailed, and affordable medical billing course for dental practices. With the recent completion of our seven-part medical billing webinar series, we are proud to have achieved this goal.

Medical billing is very different from dental billing, and the curriculum was difficult for some. Fortunately, even those who admitted to being initially overwhelmed at the depth of the curriculum found themselves confidently filing medical claims by the time they completed the series.

The following comment is one of many received from those who attended the complete Medical Billing for Dental Practices webinar series.

Bravo, bravo for this entire series! This has been an amazing presentation for the past seven months; extensive material, fantastic presenter!

My husband is a dentist and now that our last child has left for college, he asked if I would be willing to look into medical billing for his office. I am an RN who has not practiced in 15 years, but certainly have some medical background. This will be a new experience for me, but I feel Terri has given me a fantastic foundation of knowledge to move forward with. Thank you!

Each session was recorded and is now available on DVD in our Online Store at or by calling 888-825-0298 ($279 per session or $1799 for the entire series). Sessions 1 and 2 cover fundamental medical billing concepts and essential information necessary to understanding the subsequent sessions, which focus on more specific topics. For example, Session 3 covers how to bill medical plans for accident-related dental services; Session 4 reviews how to bill medical for TMJ and sleep apnea appliances; Session 5 addresses billing surgical extractions and implants to medical; Session 6 covers billing medical plans for oral lesions, biopsies, and excisions; and Session 7 reviews billing medical for dental services related to congenital defects, systemic disease, and cancer/radiation therapy.

Several hundred dental practices participated in our medical billing webinars. We congratulate all of you who completed the entire series. This is no small feat. You now join the ranks of the relatively few dental professionals who have invested the time it takes to learn how to properly bill dental services to medical plans. Our hope is that you will be rewarded for your efforts both financially and emotionally. Financially - by receiving reimbursement for your medical claims. Emotionally - by receiving the appreciation of your patients who might otherwise have difficulty paying the costs associated with extensive treatment plans due to trauma, medical conditions, and/or congenital defects.

On behalf of our entire team at Insurance Solutions Newsletter, thank you to all who attended and supported this excellent program, and best of luck to each of you with your medical claims.