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Code Advisor Index

Abscess, incision and drainage, all types
I and D - extraoral soft tissue D7520
I and D - extraoral soft tissue-complicated D7521
I and D - intraoral soft tissue D7510
I and D - intraoral soft tissue - complicated D7511
Custom abutment (implant) - includes placement D6057
Interim abutment (implant) - includes placement/removal D6051
Locator abutment (mini-implant) - includes placement D5862
Place abutment (previously deleted code) D6020
Prefabricated abutment (implant) - includes placement D6056
Retainer crown (implant/abutment supported bridgework) D6068 D6069 D6070 D6071 D6072 D6073 D6074 D6194
Retainer crowns (bridgework) D6720 D6721 D6722 D6740 D6750 D6751 D6752 D6780 D6782 D6783 D6790 D6791 D6792 D6793 D6794
Retainer crowns for resin bonded "Maryland Bridge" D6548 D6549 D6545
Semi-precision attachment abutment (with keeper assembly) D6052
Access closure (after endodontic treatment) - (Don't report crown repair)
Direct restoration (endodontic access closure)
Amalgam, one surface D2140
Composite, one surface anterior D2330
Composite, one surface posterior D2391
Accession of tissue D0472 D0485 D0486 D0473 D0474 D0480
Avulsed tooth
Tooth reimplantation/stabilization D7270 D7670
Displaced tooth
Tooth reimplantation/stabilization D7270 D7670
Evulsed tooth
Tooth reimplantation/stabilization D7270 D7670
Palliative (emergency) treatment (minor procedure) D9110
Problem focused evaluation (exam) D0140
Re-evaluation (follow up) limited evaluation -(should follow D0120,D0140,D0150,D0180) D0170
Suture lip/other (small wounds) - excludes closure of surgical incisions
Complicated suture - greater than 5cm D7912
Complicated suture - up to 5cm D7911
Suture of recent small wounds up to 5cm D7910
Acid etch, integral to direct resin procedure - not separately reportable
Acrylic (resin) partial denture (long-lasting, not temporary)
Mandibular partial denture - resin base D5212
Maxillary partial denture - resin base D5211
Acrylic (resin) partial denture (temporary flipper)
Interim partial denture (mandibular) D5821
Interim partial denture (maxillary) D5820
Acrylic (resin) partial (immediate) D5221 D5222
Acrylic hard splint
Occlusal (bruxism) guard/perio guard D9940
Occlusal orthotic device (TMJ dysfunction/TMD) D7880
Acute pain relief
Palliative (emergency) treatment (minor procedure) D9110
Problem focused (emergency) evaluation (exam D0140
Protective Restoration (previously reported as sedative filling) D2940
Pulpal debridement (open prior to endodontic treatment visit) D3221
Pulpotomy (primary tooth generally) ("not" first step of root canal) D3220
Adhesives, bonding agents (integral to restorative procedure) - not separately reportable
Adjunctive general services (category of service)
Adjunctive pre-diagnostic test (cancer screening) ViziLite®/VELscope™/Microlux DL, Identafi® 3000 D0431
Complete occlusal adjustment (includes multiple visits) D9952
Denture (complete) adjustment
Maxillary denture adjustment D5410
Mandibular denture adjustment D5411
Emergency visit (isolated occlusal adjustment, one or several teeth)- Palliative D9110
Limited occlusal adjustment (includes discing/enamoplasty) D9951
Maxillofacial prosthetic appliance adjustment D5992
Occlusal guard adjustment -(Unspecified procedure, by report) D9999
Occlusal orthotic device (TMJ) adjustment D7881
Partial denture adjustment
Maxillary partial denture adjustment D5421
Mandibular partial denture adjustment D5422
Removable orthodontic retainer adjustment D8681
"Difficult" or "Dirty Mouth" prophylaxis (higher fee) - scaling in presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation D4346
Adult services (common names)
Periodontal (recall) maintenance D4910
Periodontal prophylaxis (recall maintenance) D4910
Prophylaxis (adult) D1110
Agents, chemotherapeutic (Adjunct)
Arestin® D4381
Atridox® D4381
Perio Chip® D4381
Air Abrasion (see enamel microabrasion) D9970
Allograft, soft tissue
Repair of Maxillofacial soft and/or hard tissue defect D7955
Soft tissue Allograft D4275
Alveolar segment fracture (accident)
Alveolus - closed reduction D7670
Alveolus - open reduction D7671
Alveoloplasty (preparation for prosthesis)
In conjunction with extractions
Alveoloplasy w/extractions - four or more teeth/quad D7310
Alveoloplasy w/extractions - one to three teeth/quad D7311
Not in conjunction with extractions
Alveoloplasty not w/extractions - four or more teeth/quad D7320
Alveoloplasty not w/extractions - one to three teeth/quad D7321
Alveolus, fracture D7670 D7671
Amalgam restorations - primary or permanent teeth
Amalgam - Four or more surfaces D2161
Amalgam - one surface D2140
Amalgam - three surfaces D2160
Amalgam - two surfaces D2150
Amalgam/resin bonding agents - integral to procedure - not separately reportable
Ambulatory surgical center call or hospital call D9420
I.V. conscious sedation/analgesia
I.V. conscious sedation - each additional 15 minutes D9242
I.V. conscious sedation - first 30 minutes D9241
Nitrous oxide (N20)/anxiolysis, analgesia D9230
Non-intravenous conscious sedation (includes injections) D9248
Anchorage device (temporary skeletal) (TAD) - orthodontic anchorage procedure
Anchorage device requiring surgical flap D7293
Anchorage device with no flap required D7294
Screw retained plate requiring flap D7292
Anesthesia (Various types)
Evaluation for deep sedation or general anesthesia D9219
General anesthesia/deep sedation
Deep sedation - each additional 15 minutes D9221
Deep sedation - first 30 minutes D9220
I.V. conscious sedation/analgesia
I.V. conscious sedation - each additional 15 minutes D9242
I.V. conscious sedation - first 30 minutes D9241
Local anesthesia in conjunction with an operative or surgical procedure D9215
Local anesthesia not with an operative/surgical procedure D9210
Regional block anesthesia D9211
Trigeminal division block anesthesia D9212
Ankyloglossia (See index, Frenulectomy) D7960
Antimicrobial agent
Arestin® (antimicrobial agent) D4381
Atridox® (antimicrobial agent) D4381
PerioChip® (antimicrobial agent) D4381
Apexification - final visit D3353
Apexification - initial visit D3351
Apexification - interim visit D3352
Apexogenesis (partial pulpotomy for root formation) D3222
Apically positioned flap D4245
Apicoectomy/periradicular surgery
Apicoectomy - Anterior D3410
Apicoectomy - Bicuspid (first root) D3421
Apicoectomy - each additional root D3426
Apicoectomy - Molor (first root) D3425
Appliance (removable) - cleaning and inspection D9931
Appliance adjustment
maxillofacial prosthetic D5992
Orthodontic retainer adjustment (removable) D8681
Application procedures (Various)
Desensitizing medicament (one tooth up to whole mouth) D9910
Desensitizing resin (cervical/roots) - "per tooth" D9911
Interim caries arresting medicament application D1354
Topical fluoride application -(child or adult) ("not" fluoride varnish) D1208
Topical fluoride varnish application -(child or adult) D1206
Cancelled appointment D9987
Missed appointment D9986
Aqualizer D7880
Arestin® (antimicrobial agent) D4381
Arthrocentesis D7870
Arthroplasty D7865
Arthroscopy - surgical : debridement D7877
Arthroscopy - surgical : disc repositioning and stabalization D7874
Arthroscopy - surgical : discectomy D7876
Arthroscopy - surgical : lavage and lysis of adhesions D7873
Athroscopy - surgical : synovectomy D7875
Arthrotomy D7860
Assessment of a Patient (pre-diagnostic service) D0191
Athletic mouthguard (NOT nightguard) D9941
Atridox® (antimicrobial agent) D4381
Fixed bridgework related attachment (precision attachment) D6950
Locator implant attachment (mini-implant) D5862
Locator root attachment for natural tooth overdenture D5862
Orthodontic attachment (place button/pin/bracket on impacted tooth) D7283
Precision attachment (removable) - can be locator D5862
Semi precision attachment abutment (full size implant)- locator D6052
Augmentation (See also Graft Procedures)
Bone graft at time of implant placement D6104
Bone graft to repair periimplant defect (used with D6102) D6103
Bone socket graft for ridge preservation- per site (heals prior to implant placement) D7953
Periodontal graft with osseous surgery - each additional site in quad D4264
Periodontal graft with osseous surgery - first site in quad D4263
Ridge augmentation (see also graft procedures "onlay") (graft in edentulous area - maxilla/mandible) D7950
Sinus lift augmentation via a lateral (window) approach D7951
Sinus lift augmentation via a vertical (punch) approach D7952
Autogenous procedures
Collection and application of autologous blood concentrate product - platelet rich plasma (PRP) D7921
Harvest of bone for use in autogenous grafting procedure D7295
Avulsed or displaced tooth (emergency visit) D7270